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Our church planters are planting churches all across North America. Our chaplains are ministering to thousands of men and women in the Army, Navy, Air Force, National Guard, and Reserve Forces. Our cross cultural church planters are connecting with the millions of people who have come to America from all over the world.

Free Will Baptists are investing millions of dollars with the Church Extension Investment and Loan Fund, enabling our church planters and churches to obtain loans to build beautiful facilities.

Feel free to contact us at 877-767-7674 if you have any questions or comments. Thank you for visiting with us!

Dr. H. David Crowe, Executive Director

Meet Our Staff

Ken Akers Director of Master's Men/CELF CFO

In 2014 the Master’s Men Department came under the umbrella of North American Ministries. Headed up by Ken Akers, many areas of ministry abound beginning with Disaster Relief, a tremendous help to our people during disasters such as tornadoes, flooding. The Deep South Golf Tournament and the Baseball Tournament continue to be a vital part of Master’s Men in raising funds for projects and strengthening relationships among our churches and people. Master’s Men also work with Free Will Baptist church planters in Operation Saturation each year, helping get out the word about the new church plants. Brother Ken has been with the Master’s Men Department for many years and is excited about the possibilities of working with our laymen as a part of North American Ministries.

Rick Bowling Director of Hispanic Ministry

Rick Bowling serves as the director of Hispanic ministries for North American Ministries. He and his family faithfully served for seven years as missionaries to Uruguay. He is now helping to establish Hispanic churches all across the nation. Rick also is instrumental in encouraging students from other countries as well as the states to come to the Earl and Gwen Hendricks Hispanic Institute in Oklahoma and be trained to go back to their people to plant churches and win the lost to Christ. Hispanic Ministries is a multi-faceted work, and Rick Bowling brings a whole new dimension to the work.

Kathy Brown Accounting Administrator

Kathy has been with North American Ministries for more than 30 years in addition to previous years devoted to denominational work. She is responsible for receipting 4.8 million dollars each year, paying all bills, pay­roll and maintaining all church planter's accounts. She is the daughter of the late Dr. Roger C. Reeds, Retired General Director of Randall House Publications. Kathy and her husband, Billy Brown, have two children, Daniel and wife Jaclyn, grandson - Jasper, granddaughter – Jemma, and Jonathan.

David Crowe Executive Director

H. David Crowe has a unique perspective as to who we are as Free Will Baptists. He has a working knowledge of our history and a comprehensive understanding of our mission of communicating the gospel and making disciples. David has served with Home Missions for a total of eighteen years, serving as director of Missionary Assistance, Church Growth, and Development respectively. He loves our church planters and prays for their success every day. Brother David is loved by our pastors and people across America. He has preached in more than 1200 Free Will Baptist churches and on the campus of all five FWB colleges. Now serving as executive director, it is his desire to do whatever is necessary to help our pastors succeed in the tasks to which the Lord has called them.

Sue Hayes Accounting Administrator/CELF

Sue stays quite busy as receptionist and handling correspondence, preparing reports and portfolios for the Board of Directors. She also works as Administrative Assistant for the Church Extension Loan Fund, maintaining all investment accounts, figuring interest on accounts, receipting all income, producing monthly statements for loan accounts and investments, handling accounts payable and generating monthly reports. She has been with North American Ministries for a number of years and has been involved in denominational work with Master's Men, WNAC, and Randall House. Sue and husband, Mike, have two children, Angela and Rachael.

Brad Ransom Director of Church Planting

Brad Ransom moved to the Nashville area in August 2013 to assume the role of Director of Church Planting for Free Will Baptist North American Ministries. For the previous 33 years he and his wife Lori lived in Oklahoma where he served as a Pastor and state denominational leader. Brad has served at every level of denominational leadership including the local church, district, state and national. He has served extensively in church planting and church revitalization and has a passion to see churches healthy and growing.

Lori Ransom Secretary

Lori primarily scans historical documents into NAM’s massive data base that we have created to make Free Will Baptist historical documents available to pastors, churches and the denomination in general. Currently this data base consists of over 8,662 books, periodicals and records of district, state and national minutes. Lori served as a church secretary for over 14 years. She is a trained interior designer and has been married to Brad since 1981, has three grown sons and 9 grandchildren.

Kerry Steedly Director of Chaplain Support

CH(COL) Kerry Steedley, U.S. Army (Retired) is the director of chaplain support. North American Ministries is the endorsing agent for chaplains who serve under the Free Will Baptist denomination. They are considered to be a vital part of the total program for North American Ministries. Colonel Steedley served as a Free Will Baptist chaplain for twenty-eight of his thirty-four years in active service. Brother Steedley works as a liaison between the department and all currently serving military chaplains as well as those who have retired.

Teresa Womack Administrative Assistant

Teresa processes faith promise commitments for church planters and oversees them while on itinerant. She works with conference coordinators in the planning and scheduling of conferences. Teresa is responsible for the shipment of literature for churches and women's groups. She helps the church planters access the WNAC Provision Closet and also maintains and updates the North American Ministries website. She and her husband David live in Hendersonville and have three daughters, Tera, Tayla and Tana. She also has a son-in-law, Josh Roy – married to Tayla, grandsons, Trevor and Samuel, and granddaughter Kimber.

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Meet the Board

Jeff Jones, Chairman
Tim Stout, Clerk
Frank Webster, Vice Chairman
Josh Baer
Mike Cash
Earl Hanna
Bob Lewis
David Sexton
Frank Wiley

FWB National Agencies

Welch College Women Nationally Active for Christ Randal House Publishing
One Magazine Master's Men Ministry FWB International Missions
FWB Planned Giving National Association of FWB FWB Board of Retirement

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Contact Us

Toll Free Number – 877-767-7674
Fax Number – 615-731-7655

Mailing Address – P.O. Box 5002, Antioch, TN 37011
Physical Address – 5233 Mt. View Road, Antioch, TN 37013

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