College Internships
Giving College Students the Opportunity to Explore Church Planting


The purpose of the Church Planting Internship Program is to give college students the opportunity to explore church planting and discover or help define their calling in ministry. Our vision is to find next generation church planters that will join our church planting team and help us plant more Free Will Baptist Churches across North America.


The Church Planting Intern will work in a current Home Missions church plant in North America for 10 weeks during the summer. The intern will serve in various roles depending on their personal gifts, talents and expectations of the church plant leader.

Responsibilities may include but are not limited to children, youth, outreach, music, audio/visual, preaching, teaching, etc.

Free Will Baptist Home Missions has church plants all across North America. If an intern wants to work in a certain geographical area, consideration will be given. If not, the intern may be placed at any Home Missions church plant location.


To serve as a Church Planting Intern, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Member in good standing at a Free Will Baptist Church
  • Complete an application
  • After approval by Home Missions, intern will raise necessary funds for travel and other financial needs as needed throughout the internship
  • Recommendation from Pastor or college professor or similar


  • Commitment to excellence and willingness to work under leadership of a church planter
  • Commit to an academic program during internship and coaching from the church planting team where serving (including reading suggested materials)
  • To work 25 or more hours per week in ministry related activities
  • To submit a weekly report of activities to supervising church planter and Home Missions
  • To submit a written report (newsletter or blog) to supporters and constituents half way through and at the end of internship
  • No whining, slacking or drama
  • Be prepared to work really hard and be busy
  • To be challenged


Church Planting Internships will receive free room and board during program.

  • Families in the local church usually provide room and board. Hotel accommodations should not be expected
  • A weekly stipend will be provided by the church plant
  • Other benefits may be awarded based on ability of church plant and intern’s performance