Church Revitalization
Bringing Help and Hope to Struggling Churches

REVITALIZE (ree- vahyt-l-ahyz) – verb – “To impart new life or vigor to; restore to an active or fresh condition.”

Statistics tell us that the vast majority of churches in the United States have plateaued or are in decline. The sad reality is that many Free Will Baptist churches are in that number. Because of the great need in this area, North American Ministries has launched major efforts in the area of church revitalization.

These efforts include:

DIRECTOR OF CHURCH REVITALIZATION – Jim McComas came on board with North American Ministries March 1st, 2014 as the Director of Church Revitalization, the first ever in our denomination. He heads up the various facets of our departments church revitalization endeavors, as well as maintaining a heavy travel schedule of revitalization conferences, seminars and revivals. Jim’s heartbeat is to be a help and encouragement to our pastors and their churches in any way he possibly can.

ACTS 1:8 POWER CONFERENCE - The 1st Annual Acts 1:8 “Power Conference” on church growth and revitalization was hosted by North American Ministries in Branson, Missouri on May 25th and 26th. The Conference was a great success! Hundreds of folks from 17 different states packed the Stone Castle Hotel and Conference Center for a power packed two days of inspiration, information, and fellowship. The Church services had the feeling of a revival meeting, and the break out seminars on Tuesday were filled to capacity. Feedback has been unbelievably overwhelming, with comments like “this was the greatest conference I have ever attended”, “I leave this meeting with hope for my ministry, my church, and our denomination”, and “This conference was much more beneficial than others I have paid large sums of money to attend!”.

Due to the overwhelming response, North American Ministries has already made the decision to hold the conference again next year. See brochure for details! - Power Conference 2018