News and Prayer Requests

Gene and Angela Wooton

St. Croix, VI


From Angela:

Please pray for...

...our summer schedule with missions teams visiting, work around campus, etc.

...our plans for church renovation in the fall

...our plans for 50 year anniversary celebration

...the families we work with daily who are not saved

...our need for still another teacher for next school year

Praise the Lord for...

...19 high school graduates

...many opportunities to share the gospel this year

...several students accepting the Lord or rededicating their lives recently

...continuing to meet our needs

Randall and Collette Wright

McKinney, TX


From Randall:

Pray for visitors, souls to be saved and unity.

Logan and Grayson Wolf

Provo/Salt Lake City, UT


From Logan:

Pray for our VBS, Summer Small Groups and the Mission Teams coming from NC.

Chris and Beth Willhite

McKinney, TX


From Chris:

Pray for the continuing of relationships with lost people. Pray for new faces to attend services and for salvations.

Mark and Donna Thomas

Pueblo West, CO


From Mark:

Pray that more men will be saved. Pray for new converts to follow the Lord in believer’s baptism. Pray for new disciples to grow into faithful and mature Christians. Pray that God will show us a clear path to the right land and building.