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Are you interested in becoming a Church Planter with North American Ministries? We are looking to start new churches in new areas. If you would like to learn more about our requirements for our church planters, click here.

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BJ and Joann Eaton

Joel and Melanie Franks

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Jeff and Heather Goodman

Myron and Julie Scott

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Amos and Melissa Dillard

Stephen and Lauren Kimbrell

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Terry and Tammy Miller

Mark and Donna Thomas

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Josh and Ashley Bennett

Shane and Jamie Suggs

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Carl and Cynthia Spruill

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Adam and Rebecca Garrett

Jamie and Heather Lee

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Zach and Alishia Parent

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Rodney and Ashley Brazil

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Josh and Kimberly Hampton

Clayton and Tammy Hampton

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New Mexico

Thomas and Shalane Carabajal

Steve and Amanda Schmidt

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New York

Jim and Sylvia Martin

Brian and Emily Williams

Tim and Amanda York

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Travis and Melissa McKenzie

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Nate and Jenna Altom

Darin and Joy Alvis

Daryl and Michelle Grimes

Allen and Jenny Hall

Tom and Pam Jones

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Quebec, Canada

Danny and Dawn Elliott

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Rhode Island

Bill and Christy Reynolds

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Chad and Paula Kivette

JD and Kayla Newland

Jesse and Tiffany Owens

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Heath and Jamie Ferguson

Jonathan and Ashley McNeese

Chris and Beth Willhite

Randall and Collette Wright

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Logan and Grayson Wolf

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Virgin Islands

Gene and Angela Wooton

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Kevin and Beth Bass

Marshall and Tiffany Bonèy

Chris and Megan Davenport

Marc and Casie Neppl

David and Ashley Osborne

Jason and Holly Weaver

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West Virginia

Maitland and Jessica Bailey

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*Note: This document is for informational purposes only and a general guideline for requirements. Please contact our office for specific instructions to apply.

Qualifications for Church Planter (General Information)

  1. Spiritual. These factors are to be considered:
    • Testimony of Conversion, Baptism, Membership in a Free Will Baptist church within the National Association of Free Will Baptists. Must believe in the doctrinal position of our denomination.
    • Should be a mature Christian. The candidate’s reputation must be above reproach in every way.
    • The church planter candidate must be an ordained Free Will Baptist minister (or in process) in good standing with his local church and association.
  2. Physical and Psychological
    • The church planter candidate should be of good health. Should be free of any impairment that would be an impediment to competent service.
    • The church planter candidate must be psychologically stable without a history of psychological malfunction.
  3. Marital Status
    • Candidates must be qualified according to scriptural standards (1Timothy, etc.).
    • Single candidates will be examined using biblical qualifications for leaders.
  4. Education
    • The candidate must be a high school graduate or required equivalent.
    • The candidate should have a Bachelor's degree. Successful pastoral experience will be considered in lieu of formal training.
    • In conjunction with formal studies it is preferred that the applicant have experience as a pastor (or staff member) of a Free Will Baptist church.
    • The candidate must be a personal soul winner.
    • The candidate must be teachable/coachable and open to input into his ministry.
  5. Raising Support
    • The candidate must hold itinerant services raising cash and faith promise commitments. Each church planter is responsible to raise enough monthly support to sustain their salary for the contracted period of time. Specific amounts will be based on location and type of ministry.
    • lf the candidate is to be a joint-project with a state mission board, there will be certain requirements of financial support that will be discussed and fulfilled with the candidate and the state board.

Church planters must be highly motivated and self-starters with an entrepreneurial spirit. He should have high standards and must be willing to work hard. Thank you so very much for your inquiry. If you wish to continue the process, please move forward to the Questions to Ask Yourself. We are delighted with your interest. If we can help you, please do not hesitate to call.

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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Considering Starting a Church

  1. Is my main reason for wanting to start a church positive or negative? Do I want to follow God’s calling and reach people for Christ or do I just want to leave a bad situation?
  2. Do I share the gospel with non-believers on a regular basis and can I point to people who have made professions of faith and are still walking with Christ as a result of my witness?
  3. Am I comfortable relating with non-believers and building a relationship with them?
  4. Is my wife willing and enthusiastic about starting a new church?
  5. Am I willing to have training and coaching to help me be more effective?
  6. What gifts, personality characteristics, and experience do I have that would help me to be an effective church planter?
  7. Have I seen any success in seeing growth in a Sunday School class, youth group, or church?
  8. Have I seen any evidence that my preaching and teaching are received well?
  9. Am I considered someone who is a people person? (good listener, empathetic, patient, easy to get along with)
  10. Do I have a daily time with God and operate from the strength of this relationship?
  11. Is my life above reproach? (free from pattern of besetting sin, pay my bills, a good name in the community)
  12. Does my life instill trust in others? (keep commitments, get work done, honest, consistent, follow through with announced plans)
  13. Have I been thinking about my values, philosophy, and strategies in starting a new church?
  14. Have I talked this over with spiritually mature people who know me and have they encouraged me in this direction?
  15. Is there a growing feeling that this is God’s call and I must do this?
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